• night from 3190ISK
  • next to the airport
  • 10 min to Blue Lagoon
Base hotel

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Standard Room

Moving up the ranks? Single and double rooms with more privacy at affordable prices.

from 6,480/night


Captains room

People on the rise need more space. Get that real hotel feel even on a budget.

from 15,760/night

Family room

Family room

Bringing those army brats along? Family is the most important.

from 15,760/night


The Bunkers

Rest up private! All you really need is a place to sleep and the Base bunkers are perfect.

from 3,190/night

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Enjoy your stay at full blast

Whatever you are looking for we have got it going on. 24 hour desk, free wifi, free parking, the Basehotel store, playrooms, lounges and chill out areas. We are pretty sure you won´t get bored when you stay with us. Let´s not forget our TF-bar, serving the cheapest beer in Iceland and with a variety of local drinks. Or the amazing art collection of contemporary Icelandic art. It really is the perfect base, smack down in the middle of the Reykjanes Geopark. With only a few minutes’ drive to Keflavik international airport, we like to think we are the new little gem in Iceland. 

Base hotel and hostel has 121 rooms on offer. Male, female and mixed dorms with nice bathroom and kitchen facilities. Single and double rooms for the more private and suites and family rooms for those who want and need more space. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Base!

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What to do

Activities on the Reykjanes Peninsula

The Reykjanes Peninsula is an exciting area worth exploring and if you only have a short stopover in Iceland it’s the perfect place to get to know this volcanic island. Staying at the Base Hotel gives you a chance to travel around the geologically young area and experience magnificent Icelandic nature first hand.

From northern lights to helicopter flights, we’ve got you covered.


Reykjanes Circle

Join us on an excursion through the inspiring Reykjanes, one of Iceland’s true natural treasures.

from 21.990/person


Reykjavik Evening Tour

The Reykjavik Evening Tour is a walking tour of central Reykjavik.

from 19.990/person


The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is an essential part of the Icelandic tourist experience and one of the most popular ones.

from 24.990/person


South Shore Nature Tour

Join us on an amazing tour and experience Iceland's most breathtaking landscapes.

from 29.990/person